February 15, 2009

Childhood friend's wedding

VENUE : Taman Sri Andalas, Klang
DATE : 14/2/2009

my childhood friend, iqa married on valentines day, last saturday. OMG she looks so beautiful, but i think the make-up makes her look too old for her age (she's 19 for ur info). besides she already has her natural beauty ( she's mix european-arabic-malay), so it was too bad cuz all of the 'beauty' been hide by the make-up. anyway she does look gorgeous =). oh her husband is 19 years old too, her classmates. ahaaa.. they took architecture course at a new private college.

may God bless you with happiness and grace my dear.. haiyaaa after this i cant play play wif u and i have to called u 'madam' for now on XDDD

waa she looks so gorgeous~ X))

look at us, so sememeh XDD

a serious gamers' talk

cutting the cake

me n my lil sis

the mother of the bride

the father of the bride

my family n uncle yas's family keeps on eating and gossiping altho all of the guests have gone inside the house

photography session

last last~! nak balik dah!

p/s : right after that, uncle yas perli,"syima x terasa tua ke?? *evil laughed* " damn ~_~''. i want to work first, find some money laaaa~!


Illi Hzbull said...

betul tu syima!
keje dulu~ hik2
scary gak ble kwn2 kawen..
coz, i nvr thought 'bout it
..yet :p

Syima said...

hahaha i have~ i want to, after i have lotsa money to tampung my wedding cost and also my life @_@