February 10, 2009


im like so broke this week~!! >.<

*surprisingly today is da final day to pay for yuran kolej rm 210.. which i knew about.. 10 minutes ago?? damn! X(. mase org ade duit xnak mintak awal2! right now i only have around rm120 in my BIMB account. i asked abah for rm50, the rest i'll use my pocket money..T_T

*this saturday, 14/2 (woa~ valentinies day! >.<) is my childhoodfriend's wedding! and i stil have not buy her any present!


Seri said...

tak la..
for anggerik dia bg until 23rd feb.
notice baru keluar today (11th feb)

Hafizal said...

poor bb! xD

Syima said...

bikin ati panas saja. nape x kuar awal2. free2 je kene marah dgn my dad sebab nyusahkan die suro bank in duit kol 10.30. Bengong tol.

Syima said...

yela2 poor2 tp stil gelakkan i.. =/