March 31, 2011

Caught us!

Whatever! i don't care if u said I am immature or kiddish but i have to post this!
SS3 Malaysia momento~

 How i know that is me? i know la~ those were our seats! and i can clearly see Ira in that picture

How i know that is me? Because i know the cameraman was behind me, and Ira also remembered about this part, we're waiting for our turn to take a picture with the banner.
pictures credit to Pictures:

check out 0:06 - 0:08 Ira and I~! xD
Ira was at the right side while I was holding "my Kyuhyun" banner
video credit to : 8tv Nite Liveand MYSJ

March 26, 2011

Color wheel in gloomy-Putrajaya

The main purpose was to see the hot air balloon, but none was in the sky and raindrops started to fall although it was burning hot that time. So we took some pictures, have a little fun with bubbles and went home, vowing to camp 3 days 3 nights on the field for the next Hot Air Balloon fiesta next year.

March 25, 2011

SS3 Malaysia

Venue : Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil
Date   : 19 March 2011
Time   : 6pm - 9:30pm

The boys sure are the 'angles of rain' like they claimed to be. Everywhere they go, the weather will turn gloomy and rain will be pouring down, the same as that day as well. Ira and I arrived at the stadium around 3:30pm and started to look for the free banners that the forums were giving away. Being in this huge fandom is a unique and beautiful experience to me, immediately you are a friend to other thousands of people because we shared the same interest which is Super Junior.

We're allowed to entered the stadium at 6pm and we were entertained by the DJs from and The moment the concert started, everyone were screaming on the top their lungs. We danced and sing along to their music. Last year, they did an animal parade, but for this year, they did vegetable parade~ everyone wearing veges costumes and run around the stage~ hehe. Kyuhyun as usual, an evil brat. Poor Eunhyuk, got kicked several times by that brat.

There was no cross-dressing for SS3 Malaysia, they didn't perform the parody of Lady Gaga and Beyonce. I think one of the reasons due to injuries that Heechul got at a concert last 2 weeks. A fan misjudged the distance between her and Heechul and accidentally threw a LED board straight to his face. Luckily, the board hit just below his left eye, but it left a scar and wasn't fully healed yet so he went on stage wearing shades and sometimes a mask. But we all thought the main reason was because to follow the rules and guidelines that were set up by Malaysia Gov., since the performance is kinda sexy so they decided to not perform it. But lucky us, they replaced it with a performance by Super Junior M performing their latest hit Perfection! Kyaaaah~! i was so shocked and so happy to be able to hear it live that i even forgot to take pictures and record the performance =(

Hearing Kyuhyun singing live really makes me so happy that my eyes went teary for a bit. His voice is so deep and soothing that it is just beautiful. Siwon too, he sings an English song from his project album and it really makes me lost in dreams. U can say that i am weak to deep soothing voices hee~  Siwon, OMG he was so charming, he keep on coming to my side that i went like a crazy banshee. All i can say is, they are awesome and so adorable~ and i am so sad the fact that our seats were far from the stage. They said they are going to be back for SS4 next year, so this time I will buy the VIP tickets no matter what! ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ.

Super Junior, hwaiting!ヾ(^∇^)

March 10, 2011

Supermodel's Secrets giveaway~!

First thing first..., Happy 1st Anniversary~!

This shopping blog selling things that is all about 'How to look fabulous like a supermodel'
From slimming, makeup, skincare, saving wardrobe catastrophe, they got it all under control, without getting any surgeries.

This babe is such a sweetie (the owner of cuz), i love reading her reviews and watching the demonstrating videos. She looks excited and having so much fun trying the beauty products. Anyway my hands are getting itchy on wanting to get the Carmex lipbalm and Squeem.. it does screaming for my attention.

Since it is their 1st anniversary, they are giving away lots of goodies that is worth over RM2000 in total~! So check it out! *i hope im lucky enough to get the Squeem >.<

March 2, 2011

Laluan di atas langit

aka Skytrex

Last Saturday, Nana suddenly called talking about her plan for Skytrex on Sunday. Rezza has a friend working there, so we got free passes without even bother booking but only for 5 people only. We only have to pay for the entrance fee and for the gloves. Since Ira been talking bout it lately, so I decided to bring her and Boy along. Unfortunately, Afiq couldn't joined us since the activity has weight requirements..(he is overweight). We did the Extreme Challenge course, which the highest track is almost 9 storey high above the ground. Ira was very nervous, she even fell during the training session. But she's already toughen up when she started to climb up.

Thanks Nana and Rezza hehe =P

yeah no picture of me in action since i am the photographer


Red Box~!

Last Friday night, Kak Intan belanja karaoke at the Red Box, Pavilion in celebration after 1 week full of stress and overnights at the office. Zaffri is the only male out there haha! since other males need to back early to their wifey~ It was my 1st time been here and oh-la-la~~ its like a VIP lounge, and the food.. super love it! Everyone let out their golden voice, except me who sounded like a dying duck who choked of chipmunk =_=

thanks so much Kak Intan! ur the nicest boss ever!