March 10, 2011

Supermodel's Secrets giveaway~!

First thing first..., Happy 1st Anniversary~!

This shopping blog selling things that is all about 'How to look fabulous like a supermodel'
From slimming, makeup, skincare, saving wardrobe catastrophe, they got it all under control, without getting any surgeries.

This babe is such a sweetie (the owner of cuz), i love reading her reviews and watching the demonstrating videos. She looks excited and having so much fun trying the beauty products. Anyway my hands are getting itchy on wanting to get the Carmex lipbalm and Squeem.. it does screaming for my attention.

Since it is their 1st anniversary, they are giving away lots of goodies that is worth over RM2000 in total~! So check it out! *i hope im lucky enough to get the Squeem >.<

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