March 2, 2011

Laluan di atas langit

aka Skytrex

Last Saturday, Nana suddenly called talking about her plan for Skytrex on Sunday. Rezza has a friend working there, so we got free passes without even bother booking but only for 5 people only. We only have to pay for the entrance fee and for the gloves. Since Ira been talking bout it lately, so I decided to bring her and Boy along. Unfortunately, Afiq couldn't joined us since the activity has weight requirements..(he is overweight). We did the Extreme Challenge course, which the highest track is almost 9 storey high above the ground. Ira was very nervous, she even fell during the training session. But she's already toughen up when she started to climb up.

Thanks Nana and Rezza hehe =P

yeah no picture of me in action since i am the photographer


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