September 27, 2008

Sweet Rain (accuracy of death) by Takesi kaneshiro

i juz watched diz movie wif my mum, ira n boy. i recommending it to u guys. dont know if u like it or not but i do~ ^^

it's a story bout the journey of a grim reaper who never in his life see a sunny day bcuz when it's time for him to work, it's always at night and rainy days in the day time. he was supposed to take a life of a normal-quiet young girl name fujiki but things happened afterwards &..... well see for urself laaa.. ^^

here's a trailer & the theme song of the movie which is very nice!. the singer is da actress in the movie. enjoy =D.


theme song "sunny day" by Konishi Manami

September 26, 2008

push push push push push it!

from naz's car
from left - yda, amin, naz(sole guy), ika, shaza
shaza : u pusingla kunci tu sambil press minyak
nabilah : i da wat da!

nabilah : stereng lock!!!

actually these 'adventure' happened like 1 month b4. kinda forgot to post bout it =P. hehee well here are the gagah perkasa yang menolak kete tonggek nabilah. heheheehe. sum of em were wearing heels u know! me?? im da photographer! heheheeh XDD


take a look at these kewl accesoriz~ necklaces, rings, bracelet & earrings. here are some that i like but too bad it's been taken. the best part is, some of them, well i think all of them are 100% handmade!. kewl huh? it's weird in design but very funky and some of them are vintagely as well.

mirror and hairbrush! cute~ ^^
scoot anyone??
paper plane & bird origami~! ^^

key to the handcufs~

fabric+metal= cool!
spanar jaya!
this thing can work as a necklace or as a waist clincher!
adorable!! =D

if only i discovered this shop sooner... T_T
if u guys also find these interesting, visit this website =)

over for this week

YES! design is finally over!. for this week laaa. in these last 4 nights, i only slept for in total 6 hours!!! yes it's true yaaw.

after i have pinned up my drawing, i went straight to my room to qada' my sleep. i slept at 11am and woke up at 5.30pm!! kewl huh??? =P. i missed a class and design briefing. thank GOD my lecturers gave some comments on my drawing if not i dont know what to fix on my drawing since i missed the briefing.

now im at home.. sitting leisurely on my comfy queen bed, in my already-clean-room-by-my-lil-sis, thick comforter protecting me from the chilly air-cond and chocolate cookies by my side... aaAAhhh~ it's finally over... (- -,)

September 22, 2008

design progress

Crit Session Last Week - 18/9

crit on block massing, zonning and site planning. it was ok, except i have to get rid my roundabout cuz my tutor said it's not suitable on the small sloppy area and it takes a lot of spaces. so i have to design a u-turn then. sorry cuz it's not in format and slopy work. ahaaa~ it will stay slopy till i have to submit presentation drawing.


site planning
block massing

Crit Session Today - 22/9

huuhh i presented my site planning plus floor plans for each housing. in terms of site planning i hv to make some minor adjustments like integrate the service road with the main road & add more spaces for visitors. in terms of floor plans, i think a lot of adjustments had to be done. the position of the spaces, circulation, its form and the type of occupants thats going to be staying there. i have to completely change the floor plan of visiting lecturers housing cuz i design it for a single person. but then juz now my lectrr said we have to design the house for married visiting lecturers.. hmmm..


supporting staffs housing

married student housing

visiting lecturers housing
single student housing (studio apartment style)

single student housing (apartment style)

this thursday, 25/9, we have to prepare our drawing with formats and rendered cuz the lecturers gonna note down some important marks. im not sure whether to use autocad or draw it manually

September 20, 2008


yay~ i've updated my blog giving it a new fresh look~

da skin looks like a chocolate wrapper aite?? hehehehe
altho i like vintage background but i think i wana keep the title 'CANDY CRANKEE'
which means i'll have to find a suitable layout for it. in my mind it must be colourful, eyecatching, a lil bit of earth tone and have some cute graphics on it.

welcome to my blog~ =D

September 19, 2008

nothing important

*hey! it's been a long time since i used PAINT. hehehe burok gilee~

im bored... lots of werk to do. thingking of it makes me wana puke
im damn sleepy but i dont wana sleep yet..
ugh~ im missing you but of course u couldnt come ere r8?
im damn sleepy but i dont wana sleep yet..
im hungry but i dont wana eat
im damn sleepy but i dont wana sleep yet..
i need a new shoe or sandal to match my baju raya but i dont have any money
im damn sleepy but i dont wana sleep yet..

why am i babling ere, making u guys sick of it

watashi wa??? name??

heee gonna copy2 shaza. me want to do some meanings of my name too~! ^^



What Nur Hasyimah Means
N is for Nervy

U is for Upbeat

R is for Relaxed

H is for Hot

A is for Astounding

S is for Sweet

Y is for Young

I is for Intense

M is for Misunderstood

A is for Active

H is for Hyper

Arabic - (NUR) Cahaya, (HASYIMAH) Sopan, Beradab, Berakhlak <--XD
Arabic - (HASYIMAH) wanita cerdas yang mengambil susu <-- haa?? 0_o
Arabic/Malay - (HASYIMAH) yang bersopan santun, pemurah
Arabic/Malay - (SYIMAH) Peribadi, Tabiat, Kebiasaan
Japanese - Yori Shigenoi
Hawaiian - Alani Keilana
Irish - Cathal Browne


Your Blogging Type Is the Private Performer

Your blog is your stage - with your visitors your adoring fans.
At least, that's how you write with your witty one liners.
And while you like attention, you value your privacy.
You're likely to have an anonymous blog - or turn off comments.

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.
If it happens, you blog it. And you make it as entertaining as possible.
You may be guilty of over-sharing a bit on your blog, but you can't help it.
Your life is truly an open book. Or in this case, an open blog!

September 17, 2008


ugh~ sowi i didnt update my blog for a long time. lots of things happened n i wanna share wif u guys but... da internet connection is so kiasu here i couldnt even upload a picture!! damn fix it already la uitm!

i rase i da penat maki-hamun da connection XP

September 16, 2008

Summary again

hey... hye... huhuhu sowi its been a long time since i last updated my blog.. got lots of things going on that makes me malas nak update. one of the main reason is the slow internet connection that make me cursing it all the time. hmm well as i promised here are sum of the pictures and some stories bout what had happened to me or what i have been doing, gile terabur english =P

i had a fight wif my dad... wuwuwu. dala i x tdo 2 nites b4, balik2 kene marah. i finished my class at 6pm then i went straight home wearing my baju kurung. first i break my fast wif my fwens (shaza, naz, rf, zie n others) then naz drop me off at kelana jaya putra station. i have to go home that nite sebab nak amik my design last sem. then kene marah. abah said 'nape x kol je abah leh anta kat sne' and keep babling why i make a stupid decision n stuffs. then i said im not thgkg straight cuz i hv not slep for 2 nites and i was at KJ, quite near to my house so alang2 tu balik la. n i dont want to bother my dad, anta my barang smpi ke shah alam *my house to uitm is about 40 minutes drive wifout trafic jam. then abah senyap jap n marah2 balik saying i'll be giving him a hard time cuz nak anta balik pe sume. then i said 'xpe syima naik star n ktm' which makes him terdiam jap. he insisted that i dont have to take da train, mama will give me a ride there. i juz 'watever.. im sleepy'. the next day, he gave me a sms saying he was sorry.. he juz worried cuz im not managng myself properly. hmm love you abah =)

we went to putrajaya for our case study - Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia for our group presentation of architectural science. the presentation went quite well since we got lots of infos from the management. thanks! =D. here are some of the pictures on what we hv been doing. below is the picture of shaza terkantoi x gune petronas, our picture x concentrate n others.

how bout my design?? well i da x tdo 2 nites in a row which really makes me a zombie on the next day. my idea for now is an ok for the lecturer n i hope it stays like that till submition =P. here are the pictures im doing a mock-up model on building massing. it's a simple thing, not detailed yet. drawings?? hmmm later kay. it's bersepah.

we went to Williams at KJ twice in 2 weeks for buka puasa. why??? cuz it does fill our stomach for good!! the price is pricey but berpatutan dengan makanan nye. juz look at these pictures!! the all time favourite here are the premium meals n fettucine carbonara meatballs. i ate roti hawaii and burger ayam. why i didnt go for the big meals?? these 2 meals are already big for me. the quantity is so much! and for ur info i x penah habis, my fwen abiskan. u'll never guess how the restaurant looks like depending on what they served.. kedai tu serius mcm kedai roti canai mamak yang kat tepi2 jalan tu. dont believe me aite?? but it's true yaw~;P

roti hawaii. roti canai wif minced beef & sausage wrapped wif egg inside.
fettucine carbonara meatballs
premium meals. either chicken+fish, lamb+fish, chicken+beef, n etc.

i spent some valuable time wif pitto kun last friday since our last date which is a month ago. at first we planned to break our fast together but since both of us not gona make it on time, so we decided to have dinner later. he picked me up at my home n went to TESCO ampang. *pergi dekat2 je nnti my dad bising. then after that he stayed at my house till 1am then he drove back home. love you dear =).

i got myself sum new things~ =D
1. MNG long orange cardigan RM65
2. VOLCOM pink cd case RM79 to RM29
3. REEF handbag after less RM39
i just love the bag. it can be turn inside out which means we can use both sides. the first side is a checkered pattern while the other is flowery vintage. can be used with any kind of clothes since it have 2 skins. yippeee! ^^

hmm dats all i thing.. not sure if i keep updating my blog after this but i'll try kay??papai~

skewl stories~

hmm my fwen si epa da pandai skang tag2 orang hahaha. emm a bm one?? wow first time buat. hmm here goes~ NI X KISAH TIME SKOLAH RENDAH KE APE KAN??? =p


* When i was in standard 6, i da pandai tipu my parents n used to go to Jusco Maluri b4 and after school wif epa mut mut, kadang2 datang lambat ke sekolah cuz hangout kat sne. ade one time, hampir terkantoi dgn ustazah yg anti-me n epa, i thnk her name is ustz wahida kot... x ingat =P (die pnah mrh ktorg then koyak2 n buang buku komik ktorg depan mata). terserempak dengan die mase tgh lepak2 kat jusco.

* i was such a coward. i let anyone backstabbed me and i didnt let anyone hear a piece of my mind. there was a time in my mid high school year, i was real lonely and misrable. bile org gune i je, n i taw ape org tu wat salah i juz senyap n telan je. which makes me regret now bile terkenang balik. huhuhu.

* for the first time in my life, i slept during my teacher was teaching in the class. depan mate die!! masetu i kat teknik KL. dala time ustad Jusoh!, cikgu disiplin skolah! gile... my fwen kate mase die lalu sebelah, die tgk je i. diarang kejam bukannye nak kejut! wuwuwwuwuwwuw... T_T. tp after dat habit tu makin menjadi2 smpi important classes like fizik n kimia pun i leh lentok! 0_o

* mase sekolah dulu, there was a time i mcm lagi suke hangout dengan my fwen daripada my siblings. bile dengan sibling i get annoyed easily smpi my mum tegur kate i lagi pentingkan kawan dr keluarga sendri. wuwuwu...

* disebabkan i independent sangat, i langsung x kenal budak2 skolah i except for yang i rapat n satu kelas or kelas sebelah. if my fwen cte2 pasal diz guy or girl i akan ckp sape tuh? then diarang akan mcm "eyy! die popular la!! cane u leh x kenal!!!" huhuhu i x amik taw hal or kaco org selagi org tu x amik taw pasal i or kacau i. as a result, i selaluu kene perli x kenal budak satu sekolah especially time reunion =P.


* Lukisan Kejuruteraan - bukan nak berlagak, but im the top 20 in the whole batch of form 5~!! =D heeeee even my LK teacher asked for my opinion on certain problems. lalalalala~!! i miss you Pn Norjah!!

* Add Math - ok i didnt like it at first. but after i dah paham cane nak buat, i grew to like it. it was such a shame i didnt get an A for it.. i got B3 which makes me more devastated sebab lagi satu gred je lagi untuk jadi A2.. =(

* Bm - hmmm im not a sasterawan. in fact i mcm epa x ske sastera. tp sebab cikgu die ajar best! buat i semangat nak dtg kelas =D. ingat lagi, Pn Haslindar Nor.


* Kimia - i like kimia. tp kimia x penah suke kat i!! even mase spm i dapat credit! menci! =(

* Fizik - i mmg x penah paham... X(. adela yang sket2 paham. tp yang terkejut nye i got B for spm, ingatkan dpt credit =P. tp kat universti ni, i kene belajar fizik lagi skali... name subjek tu STRUCTURE.. wuwuwuwwuwuww. kali ni die mix plak dengan add math sket.. aiyoo..

* Sejarah - emmm im not sure nak letak under favourite or my hate subject, cuz i ske ejarah!! cume i x ske sejarah form 5 bile da kene belajar pembentukan Malaysia n pilihanraye pe sume.. x suke yang tu... so yang ni 50-50 la.


* hmm i dont think im interesting mase skolah dulu. cuz banyak org misunderstood me n used me. maybe i menarik untuk digunakan kot? =P


* Yeee sofahani cygku.. mmg kite xleh hidup tanpe buku lukis kite heheehe ;)

* mase da akhir2 form 4 ke 5, i juz got my first hp. mmg xleh lengkang la after dat =P.


* mase cochrane dulu sape lagi kalu bukan epa mut mut =P. hehehe. emm mase kat teknik baah n ariq.


* pittokun!!!

* fatin shaza

* seri munirah

* anne

* ninie

* rafiq

*and others yang bace =)

September 5, 2008

Wrap dresses and boots!

Printed long sleeves wrap dress

Basic long sleeves wrap dress

knee length heel boots

casual boots

Peep toed boots is cute!!

im eyeing these for ages... wuwuwuwu