September 16, 2008

Summary again

hey... hye... huhuhu sowi its been a long time since i last updated my blog.. got lots of things going on that makes me malas nak update. one of the main reason is the slow internet connection that make me cursing it all the time. hmm well as i promised here are sum of the pictures and some stories bout what had happened to me or what i have been doing, gile terabur english =P

i had a fight wif my dad... wuwuwu. dala i x tdo 2 nites b4, balik2 kene marah. i finished my class at 6pm then i went straight home wearing my baju kurung. first i break my fast wif my fwens (shaza, naz, rf, zie n others) then naz drop me off at kelana jaya putra station. i have to go home that nite sebab nak amik my design last sem. then kene marah. abah said 'nape x kol je abah leh anta kat sne' and keep babling why i make a stupid decision n stuffs. then i said im not thgkg straight cuz i hv not slep for 2 nites and i was at KJ, quite near to my house so alang2 tu balik la. n i dont want to bother my dad, anta my barang smpi ke shah alam *my house to uitm is about 40 minutes drive wifout trafic jam. then abah senyap jap n marah2 balik saying i'll be giving him a hard time cuz nak anta balik pe sume. then i said 'xpe syima naik star n ktm' which makes him terdiam jap. he insisted that i dont have to take da train, mama will give me a ride there. i juz 'watever.. im sleepy'. the next day, he gave me a sms saying he was sorry.. he juz worried cuz im not managng myself properly. hmm love you abah =)

we went to putrajaya for our case study - Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia for our group presentation of architectural science. the presentation went quite well since we got lots of infos from the management. thanks! =D. here are some of the pictures on what we hv been doing. below is the picture of shaza terkantoi x gune petronas, our picture x concentrate n others.

how bout my design?? well i da x tdo 2 nites in a row which really makes me a zombie on the next day. my idea for now is an ok for the lecturer n i hope it stays like that till submition =P. here are the pictures im doing a mock-up model on building massing. it's a simple thing, not detailed yet. drawings?? hmmm later kay. it's bersepah.

we went to Williams at KJ twice in 2 weeks for buka puasa. why??? cuz it does fill our stomach for good!! the price is pricey but berpatutan dengan makanan nye. juz look at these pictures!! the all time favourite here are the premium meals n fettucine carbonara meatballs. i ate roti hawaii and burger ayam. why i didnt go for the big meals?? these 2 meals are already big for me. the quantity is so much! and for ur info i x penah habis, my fwen abiskan. u'll never guess how the restaurant looks like depending on what they served.. kedai tu serius mcm kedai roti canai mamak yang kat tepi2 jalan tu. dont believe me aite?? but it's true yaw~;P

roti hawaii. roti canai wif minced beef & sausage wrapped wif egg inside.
fettucine carbonara meatballs
premium meals. either chicken+fish, lamb+fish, chicken+beef, n etc.

i spent some valuable time wif pitto kun last friday since our last date which is a month ago. at first we planned to break our fast together but since both of us not gona make it on time, so we decided to have dinner later. he picked me up at my home n went to TESCO ampang. *pergi dekat2 je nnti my dad bising. then after that he stayed at my house till 1am then he drove back home. love you dear =).

i got myself sum new things~ =D
1. MNG long orange cardigan RM65
2. VOLCOM pink cd case RM79 to RM29
3. REEF handbag after less RM39
i just love the bag. it can be turn inside out which means we can use both sides. the first side is a checkered pattern while the other is flowery vintage. can be used with any kind of clothes since it have 2 skins. yippeee! ^^

hmm dats all i thing.. not sure if i keep updating my blog after this but i'll try kay??papai~

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