September 22, 2008

design progress

Crit Session Last Week - 18/9

crit on block massing, zonning and site planning. it was ok, except i have to get rid my roundabout cuz my tutor said it's not suitable on the small sloppy area and it takes a lot of spaces. so i have to design a u-turn then. sorry cuz it's not in format and slopy work. ahaaa~ it will stay slopy till i have to submit presentation drawing.


site planning
block massing

Crit Session Today - 22/9

huuhh i presented my site planning plus floor plans for each housing. in terms of site planning i hv to make some minor adjustments like integrate the service road with the main road & add more spaces for visitors. in terms of floor plans, i think a lot of adjustments had to be done. the position of the spaces, circulation, its form and the type of occupants thats going to be staying there. i have to completely change the floor plan of visiting lecturers housing cuz i design it for a single person. but then juz now my lectrr said we have to design the house for married visiting lecturers.. hmmm..


supporting staffs housing

married student housing

visiting lecturers housing
single student housing (studio apartment style)

single student housing (apartment style)

this thursday, 25/9, we have to prepare our drawing with formats and rendered cuz the lecturers gonna note down some important marks. im not sure whether to use autocad or draw it manually

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