September 26, 2008


take a look at these kewl accesoriz~ necklaces, rings, bracelet & earrings. here are some that i like but too bad it's been taken. the best part is, some of them, well i think all of them are 100% handmade!. kewl huh? it's weird in design but very funky and some of them are vintagely as well.

mirror and hairbrush! cute~ ^^
scoot anyone??
paper plane & bird origami~! ^^

key to the handcufs~

fabric+metal= cool!
spanar jaya!
this thing can work as a necklace or as a waist clincher!
adorable!! =D

if only i discovered this shop sooner... T_T
if u guys also find these interesting, visit this website =)


Fatin Shaza said...

I suke yg hairbrush and mirror tu...

Syima said...

kan??? =D
sgt vintage~ tp da sold out... =(

Fatin Shaza said...

why suddenly brg2 vintage jadi trend skrg plak?

my mom baru buang smua dress vintage dier yg lawa2... waah. serious lawa2. Dulu i penah tgk. Nnt nak gi kacau smua auntie2 i mintak baju dorang la... =(((

Syima said...

haaa buang??!!!
gile kesian..