September 27, 2008

Sweet Rain (accuracy of death) by Takesi kaneshiro

i juz watched diz movie wif my mum, ira n boy. i recommending it to u guys. dont know if u like it or not but i do~ ^^

it's a story bout the journey of a grim reaper who never in his life see a sunny day bcuz when it's time for him to work, it's always at night and rainy days in the day time. he was supposed to take a life of a normal-quiet young girl name fujiki but things happened afterwards &..... well see for urself laaa.. ^^

here's a trailer & the theme song of the movie which is very nice!. the singer is da actress in the movie. enjoy =D.


theme song "sunny day" by Konishi Manami


Fatin Shaza said...

Hehe... u and ur mom mmg minat takeshi kaneshiro kan?

Syima said...

hmm x jgk. x mcm my mum. tp cte ni best la =)

Hafizal said...

mereka gila minat