September 26, 2008

over for this week

YES! design is finally over!. for this week laaa. in these last 4 nights, i only slept for in total 6 hours!!! yes it's true yaaw.

after i have pinned up my drawing, i went straight to my room to qada' my sleep. i slept at 11am and woke up at 5.30pm!! kewl huh??? =P. i missed a class and design briefing. thank GOD my lecturers gave some comments on my drawing if not i dont know what to fix on my drawing since i missed the briefing.

now im at home.. sitting leisurely on my comfy queen bed, in my already-clean-room-by-my-lil-sis, thick comforter protecting me from the chilly air-cond and chocolate cookies by my side... aaAAhhh~ it's finally over... (- -,)


Hafizal said...

mission accomplished!

Syima said...

yaaa~ for now =P

Anonymous said...

nice blog u got here