April 30, 2009

April 27, 2009

Poly ship!

cot brought his bday present from aini which is a One Piece ship including all of the cast!!! so cute! >.<. it looks like one of the toys from poly pocket! the doll can be placed into positions plus the ship can be assemble and re-assemble. cot, ninie, wahida n i play with it for a while before we continue our work XP.

now that i have mentioned it, what happened to my poly pockets?? i remembered i have about 4-5 of em... *puzzled

*btw he brought it to the studio bcuz his little nephew couldnt stop playing with it thus making him worried XD


GUess GuEss~ Dont Scroll down yet~

waaaaa~ looks fluffy~~~ what is it?? looks like kelopak bunga kan???

a bean-bag-bed~!! and ninie was fast asleep~
comey~!! >.< macam bb!
*pat2 ninie's head

this is a proof that feera's furniture is answering their concept!. very useable, fluffy n comfortable!!

April 26, 2009

Buy or not??

ok just now i stopped by MNG factory outlet at Queenspark.
i saw this fabulous slim fit (not skinny jeans~) black-snakeskin-printed jeans.
honestly i dont really like printed clothes, but this one is a splurge! the pattern is not very outrageous and less visible. when u're close baru u nampak the pattern.
and it's quite cheap, rm65! and i memang nk cari jeans br...
not sure i want to buy or not... cuz i gained weight recently... and if *IF i loss my weight mesti dah x fit kn???

so i made a decision to comeback in a week or so. please dont make me regret this decison T_T
*ade sape2 nk pg MNG factory outlet wif me??? ;). tp td i pg diarang tgh wat clearence. so maybe x byk stuff by the time i/we pg next week. leather jackets pn ade jgk for-who-u-may-concern *cough cough

April 25, 2009

random 5

i dont know what to do
this situation is not right
its awkward

Random 4

this is frustrating.
very heavy.
screw up.

Random 3

far away, far away for far too long
cuz u know, u know, u know..
i love u, i love u all along

April 23, 2009

Mr Kaya n Nana

Date : 22/4/2009
Time : 6pm - 8pm
Venue : Mr Kaya
Subjects : Syima, Shaza n Nana

yeay~ nana datang!

shaza aka Ju-on XS

hungry face n im-happy-cuz-my-food-is-here face

elegence + gelojoh *notice the spoon full of rice on one hand, a fork on the other hand + near to the face and tried to drink her coffee choc


pictures of nana eating is unavailable cuz she's not having any plus she's da one who taken the pictures. next time williams! ^^

* miss ya bb! hug hug XOXO

April 18, 2009

April 14, 2009

Interview for degree

DATE : 14/4/2009
TIME : 2.00pm
VENUE : FSPU Uitm Shah Alam

wish me luck....

*p/s : i saw super senior zabata, bob, also attending the interview of morning session... oh man... summe terel2 X(((

*p/s : syazox said they asked about construction and.... ARCHY PRAC 0_o

April 11, 2009

Coke + Ajinomoto

(forwarded from email. i dont know whether it's true or not, but it's good for our knowledge)

DO YOU KNOW ? Coke+Ajinomoto Can be Used To Rape Ladies

I received a news about the recent tactic used to spike girls' drink.

It is a cheap and widely used method.

This method was used in Canny Ong murder.

Rapist uses this method..

Coca-cola+ajinomoto/monosodium glutamate = a medicine which will cause drowsiness and excitement in the victim.

This mixture is poisonous if used too often on the victim.

Please send this to all your female friends, sisters, & your loved ones and ask them to beware.

accept coca-cola or any other drinks from stranger / even
if it is your friend that you are not very close with.


Hisham uddin Alias ( ASP )
Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Berat
IPK Kuala Lumpur


Thank You

April 9, 2009

Malam Pra Graduan

DATE : 8 April 2009
VENUE : Wisma PKPS, Shah Alam
TIME : 7.30pm - 12.30pm

oh ya... after dat, believe it or not, ktorg panjat gate depan anggerik. malas nk gune gate belakang XDD. yes people, with those high heels and skirt, we're super! XD

April 5, 2009

stupid ferrari!

nape time michael dulu ko giler babi punye terel smpi dinobatkan top mechanics tp bile time kimi ko bengap nk mampos?!

ko pg paggil kimi masuk 2 kali tu buat ape! da elok2 no 5 jd no 14 sewel btol!!!!!!!!
mechanic bangang x reti psg tayar
ko punye manager yg baru tersangat la bodoh x reti gune taktik!
poor kimi.... =(

stupid ferrari!!

random 2

y at the time like diz? pemalas btol
sedey... smpi bile nk mcmni.. nk merasa jgk

Tagged by Shaza

Rules: Put a picture of a favourite celebrity (opposite sex!) that you admire and give 3 reasons why you choose him/her

1. i was floating when i saw him the first time in the first Matrix. i still rmmerber his fitted sweater, black sunglasses and long jubah... *sways. i know he acted in the blockbuster movie Speed but back then i was a child n i ingat2 lupe of watchg the movie. i was more thrilled to watch the jumping bus scene rather than watchg him.. XP

2. he has this sort of charisma and look very well adapted to the movie. and i sumtimes thought that the way he acted is unpredictable. in his part in constantine, i burst out laughed when he showed middle finger to the king devil of hells as he was being carried away to the heaven (that is b4 he devil stopped him)

3. for me, he is a talented actor. he can act in all sort of genres. i like him then n now ^^.

*** damn love these quotes. i think he is a sarcastic person.

"I used to have nightmares that they would put "He played Ted" on my tombstone", - movie Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures

"My name can't be THAT tough to pronounce!"

[when told he'd have to "bite the bullet"] "Yes, but I don't have to eat the whole rifle"

im tagging: pitto, seri, anne, sofahani, sai and ziela.



April 4, 2009

Walking around starhill

today, i circled starhill, randomly choose some hotels to ask permission for me to study their hotel. well it's saturday so the leaders're unavailable. so i left em my permission letter (its a good thing i made lots of copies b4 that) n my phone number for them to contact me. thank you mama n ira for keeping me company, walking and bathg in the light n heat of the sun.. =P

we parked our car at one of the TNB's office behind the lot10 then we're off by foot. mama said i looked like a tourist bcuz of my hat. well i think i do after we stumbled upon some people who looked at me wif bulged eyes. n there is one chinese guy who looked at me n smiled.

after we had our lunched at lot 10, we headed to hotel maluri. sorry to say but the service is damn sucks. i gave him the permission letter n he keep nodding his head as if he get what i meant when i said i want to do a case study. well apparently he's not cuz after dat he key in my name to check in. hello~ the letter was right in your hand, cant u read boy??? then he asked me to wait for his senior, who does not showed up. so i juz left the place without a word.

emm tired X(. design....

ira is gettg bigger..
mama's n ira's butt XD
am a tourist

April 3, 2009

Dont know

Don't know y i feel so stressed out

feeling something heavy in my heart, pulling me down

feeling left behind

feels like want to scream

feeling like am lacking sumthing or sumone


School of thoughts for today

Sometimes u have to learn to accept things just the way they are priotizing the needs than wants. In other words, u cant have everything that u ever dreamed of..
Just let the unfulfill wishes drifting in your mind and imaginations... Altho it may hurt u.