April 27, 2009

Poly ship!

cot brought his bday present from aini which is a One Piece ship including all of the cast!!! so cute! >.<. it looks like one of the toys from poly pocket! the doll can be placed into positions plus the ship can be assemble and re-assemble. cot, ninie, wahida n i play with it for a while before we continue our work XP.

now that i have mentioned it, what happened to my poly pockets?? i remembered i have about 4-5 of em... *puzzled

*btw he brought it to the studio bcuz his little nephew couldnt stop playing with it thus making him worried XD


Fatin Shaza said...

luffy nami smua ada ke?

Syima said...

yup yup. nami siap duduk dlm bot swan kecik ^^