February 26, 2009

kitty SOS

remember 'Ginger'? (i named it)

yesterday afternoon, as i was on my way to do my laundry, i saw him in the drain, i think he fell from the 2nd floor (he used to play there with his other siblings). his nose and left eye was bleeding and i think both of his front legs were broken. it was a sunny day and ants have already gathered around him. unfortunately he was still alive! its not like i want him to be dead, but seeing him suffering, it's better to die anyway. so i pick him up, brushed off the ants and placed him at the shaded area. i looked for his mum, but she was nowhere to be seen. i have to leave him there cuz i got class.

my class finished early but i went back late cuz it was raining heavily in the evening. i looked for Ginger, but he wasnt there (the spot where i placed him). as i headed upstairs to my room, i saw him in the drain again, with his face sunken in the water. i dashed and picked him up, he's still alive!! poor thing! i dried Ginger with my tissues and placed him behind the washing machine so that the poor thing got heated.

i saw his mum upstairs. i carried her to Ginger. she sniffed him and guess wat? she turned and left! i was like,"hey anak kau ni xkan xnak dah?!" and placed her again right next to her son but again she left him there. heeeee beranak je taw! jaga x reti! poor Ginger =(. i dried him again and went to my room, feeling upset bcuz of his mother act. i juz pray that he died quickly..

at night, as i was doing my design in my room, Seri called me saying her friend saw ginger and brought him to the clinic (i think) but the doctor said to leave him with his mum. da problem is the mum doesnt want him anymore! die selamba gile menyusukan the other kittens while Ginger terhoyong-hayang kelaparan n kesakitan! eeeey geram btol!

later that night it was raining again. some girls placed Ginger in the corner, on top of a thick newspaper so that he doesnt feel the cold floor. i wrapped him wif kain buruk and still hoping that he will die tomorrow.

today, he was nowhere to be seen. Alhamdulillah he died at last...

that's what i thought until i saw him, still alive under the shoerack!!! arghh!!! poor poor Ginger! X(((. he's suffering... if he's still alive till tomorrow night, i think im going to ask my dad's permission to bring him home.. poor thing.. ='(


ALi said...

they say cats have 9 lives. makcik i nampak kucing dia kena gilis dgn bas, tapi kucing dia hidup lagi and boleh merangkak laju2 although halfway sampai ekor dah tak functioned. (mati few months later)

anyway ginger itu kental. but soon he may used up all his 9lives.

Hafizal said...

Ginger: bring me home! ;'( *sobs2*

Seri said...

amik la bawak balik! if u tak jadie bawak balik let me know..i akan bawak dia balik and bawak pegi vet.u

Fatin Shaza said...


RIP Ginger
Live happily in cat heaven.

Syima said...

shaza die x mati lagila!!! X( mesti x abis bace lagi. itu masalahnye.. he's suffering.

my dad x kasi bwk balik... even my last cat KIMi yg tempangtu cost us rm3000 utk masukkan besi kat tgn die.

u guys, he is stil alive, and last nite is the first time he meowing since that accident, but he was like choking or something. i tried to gv him water to drink but die xnak. so i juz tumpahkan sket on the floor beside him n bagi air siket kat mulut die thru straw

seri, u bwkla die pg vet. at first alia nk bwk tp die pun boleh bwk esok je.

Seri said...

oh! i can't wait to bring ginger back tomorrow. risau nye i! dia tdo bawah rak kasut tue jer!

please pray for ginger!

Syima said...

thanks. i xtaw nk buat ape since i xleh bwk die balik..

Syima said...

anyway who started the idea of cats having 9 lives?? is it true? juz wondering

Hafizal said...

9 lives wasnt true.haha

so bwak balik x?

i wish i had a gun....
so i can end up teh lil kitty's sufferin X'(

Syima said...

errr u sanggupke bunuh die when he lookat u wif a cute face ?? X(((
sbb mase mule2 jumpe yes he was suffering but now die da start meowing ape sume n kinda 'healthy'.

seri bwk balik.