February 11, 2009

Past n Present


yaaa i know shaza n ziela already talked bout this... lalaala but i was so lazy at that time. i hurt my right thumb during the performance so i xde mood to do some posting. ok here goes~ last week was our final archyfest as 08 student of bach science in architecture n we did embarrassed ourselves. y?? the theme suppose to be "60's" (actly im not happy wif the theme, i heard and went to a lot of events wif "6o's" theme many times. so when i know about this semester theme, i felt like wana gag~), n our performance was not 60's at all. it was modern dance + step dance. to put matters worse, there're sound problem and the audience doesnt heard our stomping n singing cuz the floor is made of stone and pebbles. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh~~~~~~~~~~

1 day b4 the embarrassg moment
couple of hours b4 embarrassg moment

couple of minutes b4 embarrassg moment
during embarrassg moment

after embarrassg moment, wif the absence of shaza n nabilah, and the enterframe of cot


now im hanging around lazily waiting for the lecturer to come so i snap a picture of my desktop n a meaningful scribble at the back >.<

some of my studio mates taking furniture design subject (im taking social planning) and today is their submission day. these are some of the designs showing that an architect also can build furniture~ XDD altho sumtimes it looks like somethg from outer space =P

chair than can be folded n unfolded by feera's group with munif fast asleep
nafis sittg on a 2-way-to-sit-wif-arm-rest-chair by hazwan's group
a 3-way-to-sit-chair by amin's group wif feera as the model

rocking chair by sleazy's group wif nabilah nyibuks at its side XD


Fatin Shaza said...

i paling ske sleazy nye group... gila best!

Syima said...

yup. tp die kene ade bantuan org utk bgn from kerusi sebab x siap lg.

i like amin n feera nye. group eddy nye pun not bad.