October 3, 2010

3rd week Raya

Friday, 1st October
Our 'brother' nextdoor made an open office day during lunch hour so we decided to help. It was kinda hectic since the tools were so few and so were the ladies. But we managed to get it all ready before the men came back from Friday prayers and also the guests that came after that ^^. Glorious food were served~~ nyum nyum.

Red's open house! Gladly he held it during nightime so most of us went straight there after work. It's safely to say that we were among the longest-staying guests at that time., and also the noisiest too! hehehe.

Saturday, 2nd october
1st stop, Munif's house! Red and I arrived quite late since we were from Ampang (plus the traffic jam of course~) while the others were already at Shah Alam. Munif's mum... OMG the homemade Cheese-Oreo cake and Chocolate cake is AWESOME!! the taste is exactly like the one we usually bought at Secret Recipe *.* Love it~~~~

Then we all headed to Lana's house, which was full with people! But as a result our tummies were full too, stuffed with all the marvelous food that were prepared for us ^^. Oh and welcome back Lana! She had to came back from Australia to finish her assignment, so she is going to stay for about 2 weeks.

After that we split up. I should be following them to Arep's house but i don't think i have enough time so i skipped his house. Sorry Arep~~~ =_=. With Munif as my leader, we went to Kota Kemuning area to Illi's house.. which supposedly should have been like a smooth drive-thru but the traffic makes me go nuts! As a result i was in a hella moody time when i arrived. Huhu good thing Illi understands.. and the food too. The meat yang Nafis panggang... SEDAP~

At night, Daniel and I went to Zaffri's open house which is like only 5 minutes drive from my house. But before that, i have to face a very awful traffic jam (again) heading home from Shah Alam. Gosh! I think I was more tired sitting in the car rather than tired visiting my friend's house! Oh by the way, the last time I saw Zaffri is when we were in Form 4. Wow Zaff, u were so slim and slender back then, now u got a round tummy! hehehe.
 Zaff seriously, u look like a dead-tired-Zombie here hahah!
 This is Daniel~ with his infamous big smiles
It's been 7 years right? Gosh~ padahal rumah sebelah taman je huk huk

I skipped 3 of my friend's open houses that day. i couldn't possibly attend all of them ;_;. U guys lived so far away! or is it me that is staying in a peculiar place? =_=

Sunday, 3rd October
I dragged my brother, Boy along with me to my officemate's open house which fortunately, her house is in Ampang as well. Thanks to my dad, i can just used jalan dalam and shortcuts, which i don't have to face the traffic at MRR2. After that, we head straight to MBO for movie time. We just randomly picked any movies that was airing during that time. hence we watched Alpha & Omega, which was kinda boring... i still think that Finding Nemo is still the best from this kind of animation.

Hmm.. that's all??? Don't know what to add anymore..


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