October 5, 2010

Imagination at its best

My top imaginations that i always imagine everyday since the activities are regularly done in my daily life. U creative-high-imagination people, try to imagine it with me will ya? =D
Have u ever thought...

1. When u are on your way down to sujud, like 10 cm from sejadah, a hideous-ghost face will appear on top of it and u can't stop yourself since.. yeah u are going to sujud. Hence u will either be kissing the ghost or ur face gonna get eaten.

2. You are crossing a drain but u misjudged the distance hence u fell. Your chin got slammed on the edge of the drain, totally robbing it off along with your top front teeth and nose. The rest off your face is 'sliding' on the drainage wall while u were falling to the bottom of the drain.

3. You are sitting on a water closet doing your usual business but u didn't realize that there is a deadly-crazy snake inside it. It suddenly emerges and bite your butt or your private part totally robbing it off like a carnivore. Then it when inside your body through down there, laid its eggs, then the eggs hatched and everything is history.

4. U were chopping some meat or fish when a fly flew in through the window and bugging u. U sway your hand from side to side trying to 'shoo' it away with the butching knife still in your hand. The fly flew straight to your face and u wanted to slap it so u sway your hand as fast as u could towards your face. The thing is the knife is still there in your hand and so.. u accidentally planted the knife in your face & butchered it in half.

5. This is practically normal for poor-sighted people like me.
  • Jeans & Long cardigans hanged behind my door (my bed facing the door) = Someone's or something's long hair
  • (point 1) + my T-Square right beside it = Grim Reaper
  • (point 2) + shining belt on my jeans = Beaming eye Grim Reaper
  • A mountain of unfold clothes in the basket = a round figure, maybe a Toyol.
  • (all of the points above) + plus the wind from the fan = They are moving and somehow getting closer

Everytime i imagined these things, i will close my eyes hard and pause for about 3 seconds, feeling the damages that i have to suffer if they totally happened, feeling ngilu in my teeth, cold shivers behind the back of my neck and finally... continue on with whatever i was doing

Bits and pieces thanks to the big drain between my office & the parking lot, Final Destination, Snakes On A Plane, Ju-On and so on.


Syed Ali Rabbani said...


no 1. kinda.. okay..

or what if u managed to figure out how to control every single muscles in your body including your heart, it's fun playing heartbeat on/off. but it aint fun when you forgot how to switch it on.

Syima said...

no 1 kinda what? haha ya maybe silly but.. hmm i always thought about that..

oh that is kinda cool. but i never thought about that haha.

Syed Ali Rabbani said...

no 1 kinda.. stress u out? =(

well call it silly but hav u ever experience when u were out with people, listening to them talking suddenly there;s this thought crosses ur mind. it's like wat if i stick this fork in them? wait no no tats not gonna happen, but wat if but nooo... and it keeps on repeating. shit

Syima said...

yes it does stressing me out.
aha yes i do thought about that when i am angry with that person.. lots of ways for me to hurt him/her been playing in my head.. =P