October 27, 2008


hmm last saturday went to shaza's open house wif hafizal. *im da driver. first it went well. till my dad keep calling me, telling me where to go or not, what's da current traffic stuation, jumping lanes or so. cmon la i know already where to go~! i juz keep on following the signboard right? first jln kuching, then jalan duta, then find 'sri hartamas'. it's as easy as dat.

i know, abah was worried, afraid that i migh got lost, but bcuz of dat, i did got lost! i missed the turning two times and had to do a big loop and end up back at jalan kuching. it was so frustrating. i was suppose to take left than he said

'jgn amik kiri! stay lane kiri!!' okla i stayed at the left lane.
then bile smpi lagi satu junction he yelled, 'nape x masuk kiri td!!!??" wutdaaa~!
'i was planning to! till u said to stay on the left lane n jangan masuk kiri!'
'abah maksudkan stay lane kirii tu masuk la kiri!!!'
'takkan awak x perasan simbol tol tu? awak dua org dlm kete xkan sorang x prasan??!!
*there's no 'tol' simbol. juz 'highway'

OMGOMGOMG tension gileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee -_-. almost got hit by a truck when i dengan selambe nye masuk lane die after stopping between 2 junctions. sorry dear.. he juz stay silent all the way. *but it was not my fault. that truck is speeding at the left lane.

ddduuuuuuuhhhhhh thats one of the things i dont like when im behind da wheels cuz my dad tends to get 'protective n insecure' -_-


Hafizal said...

Technically speakin it is your fault.Because you are entering the truck's lane suddenly(although you have gave the signal),you cant blame the truck cuz you are entering its zone,and when it is a truck,i think its kinda hard for the driver to brake sudden...its okay,just do drive more carefully next time...don't let your emotions get over you again.

Hafizal said...


next time do let me take the wheel when you get into situations like that... @_@

Fatin Shaza said...

ha-ah... patutla dtg rumah i mcm stress je...

dah leh imagine ur dad marah u camner...

Syima said...

huhuhhuu kene maraaaaaaah.... T_T