October 13, 2008


do u guys remember my post bout BIJOU BAZAAR? yeap~ i went there last saturday~ ^^,. i went there specifically to buy a long necklace n i found it! i should have bought more long necklaces.. huhhu anyway these are the sweetest things that i loike n bought~ =DDD

rolling stones vintage T - rm29

Key to my heart (long necklace) - rm18

2 bangles - rm8

vintage dress - rm49

hmmmmm i want vintage necklaces n i have found some at the online stores~ now i have my eyes on em. heeee >=DD. no more long dangling earings.my nafsu now at vintage necklaces~!


Fatin Shaza said...

Ahaha! Lawa laaa ur rolling stones baju.... shud have gotten that one.

Syima said...

ahahahah tula mase tgk2 baju tu corak tu yang i tunjuk kat u dulu kan?? heeee

Hafizal said...

cool necklace~ ^_^

Syima said...

yaaa... but i want a heart-shaped one... *eyes blinking at pitto

Hafizal said...