October 13, 2008


waaaaa~ im so touched! tq my pwen sofahani~ =D. *credits to the person who make this picture it's so cute!! hehehe neva realize that i could be awarded "blog paling best!" XDDD

anyway this a tag for ur info. the rules are (in malay):
1. Bagi just kat orang yang dirasakan GILA-GILA / BEST
2. Bagi kat 5 orang sahaja
3. Link orang yang terima award ni
4. Sesiapa dapat Award ni DiWAJIBkan buat POSTING sebab dia dapat award ni kat blog dia
5. Beritahu orang yang dapat award ini kt blog dia ok ! (buat trackback sahaja pun sudah memadai)

so the winners are~
1. Datin Fatin Shaza!!
2. Crazy Seri~
3. Pitto Munkey!!
4. Ninie from Jupiter~
5. Britney Anne! XDDD

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