October 4, 2008

Raya Photos

these are some of the pictures that i have taken. after i have uploaded the pictures to my lappie i juz realized, there is no personal picture of me wearing my baju raya.... X(((. owh well u can see it from these family photos. i have 2 sets of baju raya, purple n cream. i wore the purple on the first day of raya. the cream?? not yet~ =P

mama n me~
mama n her 3 sisters wif grandma
my family (except abah) wif grandma
me n my bro, same smile i guess??
yes im da driver ~_~"
only 5 over 11 siblings gathered. but it's quite a big number
only part of the 5 siblings gathered. some of my cousin couldnt make it on time
5 siblings wif grandma
boy climbing pokok langsat

boy climbing pokok jambu

thats all i guess. im trying to upload a very funny-yet-pity video of boy. but it wont upload =(. im giving it another try.


missy.hunny.lalala said...

ko drive pakai bju kurung ke?

Syima said...

yela kot. nak beraya ke umah orang kan. so cne byk duit raye?? =D hulur la cni sket. i x dpt pown~ huhu

missy.hunny.lalala said...

erk..i xdapat byk pown.. besela dh beso dah..dpt xsmpi seratus pun..uu cedey~ tp u mesti champion duit raya byk dr i dr dulu lg kan? :P

Syima said...

apenyeeee x champion pown
at least u da ade kenderaan sendri~ huhuhu