December 25, 2008

Single Ladies (put a ring on it) parody.

if u guys visits the yahoo homepage, u'll noticed under the featured video, 'the strange web-dance crazed'. yup! apparently beyonce's newest single, "single Ladies" caught everybody's attention including Justin Timberlake n he does a parody of that music video! u can watch it from yahoo where they gv u da link! u wont regret!!! n here are some of the videos that i like! i even downloaded it!

1. Shane Mercado
he is 'lembut' n some of you guys may find these video disgusting but i gv him a huge applause cuz he can dance very2 well n totally in sync wif beyonce's moves!. the first video is where he's in The Bonnie HUnt SHow (from youtube), while the second video is the one that make him famous (plus he wore only bikini 0_O)

the first video

the second video

2. Lelia Broussard
she makes an acoustic version of the song. love it! she even makes it sounds like a country song. she got the looks n voice. maybe she's the future coming star?? ;)

*i dont own the video.

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