December 14, 2008

details on my 'mini update post'

ok here are the details bout my previous-mini-update post.

a) my laptop is crazy aka broken
yaaa the monitor of my laptop was broken. now it's fixed and it cost my dad rm500.. huhu he grumbled at me the whole day. i dont know. i dont remember smashing the laptop n stuff. mayb bcuz of my brothers, usng my laptop to play warcraft. huhuhu. just now my lil sister used my laptop n forgot to turn off the laptop n the charger. my dad scolded me for that, saying 'nanti ape2 kang abah laptop syima rosak la ape la abah yang pening!'. i looked at my lil sis with a glare-to-kill than she dashed upstairs to turn it off.

b) mini accident occured while on da way to kelantan
it was my mum's turn to take the wheels. the traffic was so slowed, bumber to bumper since everybody wants to get out of the town and balik kampung for the festive season. i fell asleep then suddenly bam!. when i opened my eyes, a guy's head popping in from my window asking my mother 'makcik ok? ade ape2?'. apparently my mum accidently doze-off and hit the wira in front. she said it was just like 3 seconds she doze off cuz she remembered talking to ira (my lil sis) b4 that. our carwas ok, only the plate number pecah n a few scrathes at the bumper. the wire on the other hand, its bumper on the left side kemek and pecah sebesar penumbuk. to avoid more traffic jams since everybody started to slowing down looking at us, my mum gave the lad her business card and hit back the road. since then the guy never call my mum. maybe die halalkan kot =P

c) 4 legged-freak-hiatus, making da house go crazy to catch it (after we arrived home)
the moment we step into our house, it was a mess. chairs and cushions everywhere! mama (my mum of course) started to frown and headed to the back room (my dad n bros was in that room) then suddenly we saw it. a big rat scrambling from my dad's grasp! my mum frantically climbed up the chair while my lil sis and i ran to the living room. my grandma n aunty lift up their legs since they're already sitting on the couch. we paused a lil then we all laughed looking at mama. it was such a funny thing looking at mama waving her arms frantically while climbing up the chair. then we helped dad till the captured of the 4-legged freak thing. even my cat mimie scared of the rat cuz it was so big! later that night, mimie cought a mini-rat and brought it inside the house which makes my dad bising cuz we have to catch another rat again.

very2 unclear photoes. ive warned yaa!

d) my 'mak' (grandma) from kelantan tagged along with us n gona stay till chinese new year
my grandma (mum's) came along with us and like i said she's going to stay with us till chinese new year. =)
e) miss u dear!!!!
yup miss my boo ='(


Fatin Shaza said...

Aaaah, ada jgak orang yg baik dlm dunia ni... x claim duit from korang.

Cute rat! I want a rat for a pet.

Syima said...

well kinda cute when look at it closely. i have a video of it but somehow it wont upload at utube. dont know y.. kecik je sizenye. 300kb je.

Fatin Shaza said...

Hehe... upload la, nak tgk =D

Btw, abang I ada Sims 1 installer! You nak? And plus expansion pack yg lain -- vacation, downtown, making magic (ala2 harry potter), living large, house party...

Altogether 2 GB. Ahaha.

Fatin Shaza said...

Oh OH! I ada 'SIM TOWER' dah! BEST GILE. Serious. Nak I kasi? Hantar email ke... fail die kecik je, around 6mb je.

Syima said...

game sim tower tu cane?

Fatin Shaza said...

Erm, u kena bina tower la! Ehehe.

First start with office buildings, pastu apartments, pastu hotels... and then bila dah 2 tahun dah, boleh bina food court, parking lot, swimming pool, gym... all on one tower! Ahaha. So addictive.

Syima said...

boleh jgk =D kecik je kan?

Fatin Shaza said...

yup yup. i hantar kat email la.