December 4, 2008


got tagged by deary sofahani (bile nak jumpe???) anyway here it goes..

a) 7 facts bout me

1. sensitive. as in easy to lose temper, easy to get annoyed, easy to be sentimental... in other terms, sensitive.
2. i live in 'fairyland' in other words love to day dreaming.
3. love to do things under the term 'ART'. drawing, sketching, colouring...
4. not me but most of my friends said that im a good friend but a bad enemy.
5. i am independent n secretive.
6. love to shopz. but since im not a biliionaire, i love to window shopz too.
7. lurve to travel~ one of my wish list, travel around the world!

b) 7 things that scared me the most

1. when i lost the loved ones..
2. losing a friend
3. failing a subject that will bother me in the next semester X(
4. repeating DESIGN.. oh noo plzz! 0_o
5. 'accident' happened or some bad-doing by bad people that really mean to do that sort of thing (they do exist! i tell ya!)
6. the judgement day of cuz... the sun wil be couple of inches from our head, ugly bad creatures appeared from below ground.. hmmm...
7. having the feeling that im the only one that can see and alone, like i cant see myself without looking at the mirror... anyone have that kind of feeling? or is it juz mee? 0_o

c) Top 7 songs

1. Kevin Rudolf ft Lil Wayne - Let It Rock
2. Christina Aguilera - Save Me From Myself
3. Breaking Benjamin - Diary of Jane
4. Metallica - Frantic
5. Lady Gaga - Just Dance
6. Acceptance - So Contagious
7. Skye Sweetnam - Human

d) 7 words that always comes out from your mouth

1. haaaaah?!
2. laaaa~
3. bab*
4. o mak kau
5. deerrr~
6. so?
7. yeke?

e) 7 things that're precious

1. my free time, since i entered the family of architecture...
2. money
3. my lappie~
4. my teddies~
5. MY CLOTHES so ira dont ever think of wearing mine! >=/
6. my loved ones
7. my friends~ =)

f) 7 first times

1. my friends celebrated my 21st bday =)
2. got harrassed/psycho by someone psycho that doesnt even know the word 'give up'. yes people they do exist.
3. operation, appendics. ahaa.
4. fainted. during marching training for scouts, back when i was in form 4.
5. online shopping started early diz year~ =P
6. people 'looking' at me when i entered university.
7. got cheated for 5 months! how could i missed that ~_~''''

g)7 LUCKY people that i tagged

1. shaza
2. pittokun (buat taw! >=/)
3. seri
4. kak yani
5. dayang
6. ninie
7. illi


Fatin Shaza said...

"..oh mak kau meletup!"

"oh mak kau terjatuh!"

"oh mak kau opocot!"

Syima said...

ey i cume sebut yang atas tu je ek~ jangan tambah2 aaaa~

Fatin Shaza said...

I rasa I dah pernah wat tag ni la...

Syima said...

wow! queen of tag da penat! =0

missy.hunny.lalala said...

taw xpe! bile nak jumpe niyh! aku nga boring dok umahhhhh..uuuu T_T

Syima said...

huuu dok umah best sket kot... tgh praktikalni... abis je praktikal trus masuk uni balik