December 4, 2008

good or bad deed?

something good or bad happened to me this afternoon. after i have parked my car, i stayed for a while b4 entering the office. i have to parked in the alley cuz the usual place was full. i realized a bronce perdana to my right keep going forward n stop, forward n stop. then the driver get out from the car n knocked on my window. an old lady. looks like datin (well the car is perdana).

she asked my help to reverse her car, she doesnt know how n she needs to get home quickly. da 'original' driver is in the clinic (he's paralyzed so he went there to do some 'exercise' till evening)and has asked his wife (the old lady) to take the car home. ok. sure i could help. but it is a perdana! what if something happened! i dont think my family have enough money to pay for it! 0_o. but the old lady look so helpless that i cant said the word NO. so i helped her.

the interior was so steamy! maybe the old lady has stucked there for hours. poor thing. i realised there was a wheelchair in the car. maybe her husband's. then i wipe the steam of her windows and set 'to work'. i reversed very slowly n carefully n surely, afraid of something happened but then... bang!

my worst nightmare came true. oh dear... apparently there is a cage as high as the car bonet right behind da car n i hit it.(bile tah menatang tu dok stu!). the right side of the back light is a lil pecah sebesar 10sen (dont know what to pronounce~ =P) and a scratch below the light... im soooOOoooooo scared n frantic! i apologised like hell to the old lady but the old lady said its ok since i helped her. if no she would be stuck there till office hours end. but still.. its a perdana!!!!!!!!! X(((( ok i vow i will not touch a perdana again.


Dayangku Nuraini Wahed said...

oh i'm sure the lady wld understand
it's not ur fault anyway

there there syima...

lgpn, if she's a datin, then she'd have enuff money for repair hoho

Illi Hzbull said...

good thing that u helped her..
t'langgar sket je kan..
hehe :)
i pun x berani drive kereta org, w/pun kancil!

Syima said...

huhhuhu dayaaang it is a perdana! even my kreta pn x penah accident smpi pecah lampu juz crash n langgar lobang je~ =P

em yaa.. huhuhu

Syima said...

taw xpe! my bf slalu suruh drive kreta waja die i xnak! altho kadang2 i kesian tgk die tp... but now i have a proof!!! i cant drive sumbody's car that is long n mighty n costly! i jadi sgt takut n disebabkan takut tula sumthg bad might happen T_T

Hafizal said...

camne nak drive a BMW or Merc nnti ~_~"

Syima said...

cayang la drive??? heee bb jd passenger n pengacau >=D