December 31, 2008

More bad to good events

i was hungry, my brothers also, and we're left alone at home, raw and dried materials all finished already~ bukak2 almari, found da fettuccine and carbonara sauce, got a small amount of beef in da frezer, maybe it's enough i tought and... it turn out to be very2 gud~ nyum nyum

then, i re-checked my report more than twice b4 printing it. thats when the trouble started.

black ink was out. ok i refilled it. but still the black part on the front page was still un-printable, while other pages wif black ink were ok.

after hours of restarting and editting, i gv up and decided to print at the cyber cafe in front of my house cuz it stated 'PRINTING SERVICE AVAILABLE'. so i print the remaining pictures of my work (boleh plak ink itam kuar), dress up (so after dat i'll head straight to office) and drove off.

there're 15 minutes left for the appointment wif my boss. i handed my pendrive to da guy, wait da pc to respond (lame gile bout 5-10 minutes). great~ da cafe doesnt have micr. office 2007, nasib baik i save another file in 2003 format. suddenly, when the printer in preview mode, all of it turned black n white. then i said,"nape u setting die black n white? i want it to be coloured". the guy replied,"sorry no colour here". n i was like... wat? printing service available but juz black n white????

wif a red face n a clenched fist i stormed out and searched the next neighbourhood for cyber cafes. selama i dok sni i jarang jumpe kedai printing. at that moment i missed the shophouses around uitm perak n shah alam where printing services bersepah. finally after 15 minutes berpusing i found one, stated 'PRINTING AVAILABLE'. i opened my file, edit here n there n when i was ready, the sweet girl said,"akak nak print colour ke? kat sni xde print colour". then i tarik my pendrive n exploded in my car. WTF! kedai printing tp xde print kaler? bodo keee??? lain kali letak la ' PRINTING AVAILABLE ONLY BLACK N WHITE' bangang btol.

i called my dad. i cakap dgn sangat perlahan n lemah lembut then my dad raised his voice. ok dats it more fire. i said i'll find another store.

odw to pandan indah i called my dear n 'melepaskan' everythg, feel a lil relieved after dat.. tq dear...

pusing punye pusing jumpe~ i saw from afar. suddenly its started to rain, great~ good thing i brought my umbrella. i opened my door, kuarkan payung n tried to open it. OWH! it's stuck! great, i took bout 1-2 minutes to open it n the right side of my body was soaking wet bcuz of dat. i half ran to the cafe. as i was reaching for the handle, i saw 'NO PRINTING'. i think i stand there for 5 minutes staring at the statement. da guy next to the shop pun tgk semacam je. maybe he was thgkg,"gile ke budak ni, berdiri kat stu je tgk pintu. dah la basah kuyup".

i walked back to my car, tutup payung, campak my bag, file n payung and sat quitely in the car. i looked at my watch, it was 5.30pm. i was supposed to meet my boss at 4.30pm. i called her, she's already checked out. after about 10 minutes of silence, cursing and 'banging' the steering wheel, dengan keadaan x sedar i drove to the nearest petrol station, bought my self a big drumstick icecream, 2 bars of cadbury dairy milk n 1 bar cadbury time out and ate them all till i reached home.

owh~ abah da balik. after he 'fixed' it, reinstall here n there, finally the bloody printer worked, around 7.30pm. i printed my report right away and dashed to the nearest binding store. it was around 8.15pm at that time.

waaAAhhh~ what a GREAT day i was having today!


Fatin Shaza said...

Waaaaaio... 7.30pm baru settle ke?? =(

I feel ur pain.

Hafizal said...

i really ksian kat u...i really sux when u drive here and there...searching for printing services but got none...and in the end ur usaha doesnt worth for that day and what u sux..sometimes we just have to go through it no matter how hard it is...*pats2 ur head* ^_^ cheer up dearie =)

Syima said...

wuuwuuwuwuwuw T_T

i guess i 'sang' too much yesterday i felt so tired by 9pm. so i slept early. sowy dear...