January 5, 2009

first new years post

wow~ my first post of this new year! =O

seems dat early diz hear everybody getting 'hot' bcuz of sum misunderstanding n such, me also.. =P. but i manage to cool down... by... guess it?? SHOPPING!! XD
it was a girls day out last saturday! (me, shaza, ayu, ziela, shazox, wahida, umi n ika) n we went to sungei wang n low yat.

and these are some of the things that i bought

ups! this is not from bb. i bout this at http://tootsboutique.blogspot.com/ online store! ^^

black checquered shirt rm25

quite similar to this brown velvet glads rm36

exactly same top but in green rm25

others i bought white long sleeves top from romp rm37, and white tee rm10. heeeee happy happy~ ^.^

**no shopping pictures since we're so busy shopping rather than taking pictures XDD

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