January 18, 2009

Sunway Again!

HAPPY PEOPLE : syima, shaza, ziela, ayu, ninie & nabilah
VENUE : invaded Sunway Lagoon
DATE : 17/1/2009
SOURCE : syima's n ziela's cameras (ayu's n nabilah's under construction)

we have to attend a modul that is compulsory, we stayed for about an hour then we took of, waiting for people here n there, complications at sunway piramid, finally gathered at the entrance of sunway lagoon at 3pm.

we're rushing to play all of the rides and the attractions bcuz the park will be closed at 6pm and around 5pm, it's started to rain

at 7pm we invaded A&W, then nabilah realized that she has a hole in her pocket n the car keys was lost, so we had to trace back the route that she took, all the way to the ladies room, surau, info centre... then lastly at the carpark. Guees wat? she left her car keys in the car (.......dont know wat to say, my knee was killing me dat time). shaza n nabilah went home, while ayu, ziela, ninie n i went back to uitm.


Seri said...

omg! kunci dalam kereta? for how many hours? gile la.

Syima said...

dr ktorg masuk sunway!. dlm kol 3 smpi 8... tula. dala kete die jenis lock manually. pintu blakang x kunci. nasib xde sape perasan.