January 11, 2009

Times warehouse sale

yesterday evening (saturday), hafizal n i went to Sri Hartamas to pick up shaza then went to Plaza damas for Times warehouse books clearance!!!!

b4 that, ktorg smpi sesat ke kota damnsara cuz i missed the turning, so we have to pay for jalan duta tol, masuk kota damnasara, make a big loop, masuk penchala link... huhuhu T_T. i bought 3 books ^^. cost me rm179.. it's stil costly, but worth it for 3 books!:

1. City apartments = rm 129.10 30% off
2. Resort houses = rm 117.30 30% off
3. Beyond the da vincci code = rm15 is the sale price. dont know the actual price. only rm5!!

there're lots of books! da sale as high as 90% off! The 90% mostly novels, 3 books for rm10. i was in dilemma that time. i want novels too! (shaza managed to buy the novels!),but i was so focused in finding the books of architecture so i x belek2 the novels. mostly architecture books are 30% off. we did find some at rm20. the books about usa's homes, frank lloyd wright, le corbusier.. now i wonder y i didnt bought those... 0_o. shaza did. she bought the frank llord wright book. after that we had our dinner at the rooftop of the shopping mall.

*bad quality since they were taken my cheap camera hp

owh yaa.. my new hair >.<. tegak mcm papan. i have to lose weight so that my face doesnt look so rounded ~_~. after that we hurriedly home, i have assignments to do and it was late. i dont want to be scolded >.<