January 18, 2009


half of us, gathered here as volunteers for this event. we listened for very inspiring talks from the organization leaders, tun dr. mahathir, dr chandran sumthg (sorry x ingaaaaat X/ ) and others. after lunch we head out to our checkpoints, giving flyers to people especially the non-muslims to clear their minds that this is not about religions, it's about humanitarian rights!

i was in sara anis's team with shaza, nafis, and sara's friends. we're assignated at PJ area. altho we only 'targeted' the non-muslims, but we do hand it out to the malays. basically, we randomly giving the flyers to any people who passes by. but sadly, in my case, not one malay accepted my flyers. majority, the chinese and the european foreigners accepted my flyers. hmm kinda sad tho, at least sumtimes when people hand out some flyers i do accept em... one of my fwen said, he even got scolded by a malay guy for giving him the flyers.

basically, not all people realize or care about this matter. at least i do by participating in this event.

b4 the starts of the meeting

tun dr mahathir & datin siti hasmah

the crowd

sheila majid

sum of us

'signage' XD

i da letak my flyer~

shaza penat n toya

weird van


Fatin Shaza said...

wow... i look fat...

ALi said...

it's chandra muzaffar. once an apprentice of allahyarham professor syed hussein al-attas.

Syima said...

yaa~ thanks!

Adam said...

"b4 the starts of the meeting"

i macam boleh dgr gollum yang cakap ni sbb i br tgk LOTR..

i've seen that van in shah alam before, bodoh gi pasang gt spoiler aka ampaian baju..

Syima said...

taw xpe. ktorg gelak gile kot! siap ade langsir lagi! XDD