January 9, 2009

Crystal Ring

dont get me wrong by doing diz. im juz wana help my mum. actly diz ring was ment for me. but it's not fit, it's loose on me. since it is cheap, my mum kene amik jgk altho xmuat. my mum's finger cannot fit it, n da design of da ring is too mature for ira. so mama ask me to ask any of my friends who may be want it. anything juz msg me or kol me ok?

ukur lilit cincin = max 6.5cm
ukur lilit jari manis i = 5.0 - 5.3cm
ukur lilit jari hantu i = 5.5 - 5.8cm

*pure crystal stone
*material swasa has longer life-span, colour xkan lentur (my mum said)
*hand made



Fatin Shaza said...

eh syima jual barang plak? =P

Syima said...

likei said im helpg my mum ~_~