December 7, 2009

Family Trip PD

My relatives from Kelantan came to visit us last Friday. They arrived around 6:30am and rested for a while bcuz later that afternoon, we head of to PD for a family trip!

We Stayed at Tiara Beach Resort for 1 night and at my cousin's house the night after. The resort has their own man-made lagoon and well facilitated. My brother and I tried the fish spa and it was so ticklish! I can only stay still after about 10 minutes! It was a torture for me ~_~

Then we headed to Teluk Kemang. While most of us were leisuring at the beach, my bro opt for a swim in the sea with his cousin. Then to satisfy ira's 'needs', we accompanied her to the park cuz she wants to ride on the horse.

Later that evening, we went to my cousin's house at PD, stayed there for 1 night before getting back home the next morning~ =). Of cuz lots of shopping and bimbo pictures, but not gonna be published here XP. teehee.


the YellowishBlue said...

the beach is nice n beautiful..


i saw that 'object'..haiyo.u have that too at PD? huuhu...

Syima said...

heee u mean the object is u ke?? kekekee

Fatin Shaza said...