December 17, 2009

Fangirl corner =P

Although 1 week has passed, but i still want to say CONGRATULATIONS!! to Super Junior for sweeping off 3 big awards at Golden Disk Awards (10/12/2009)

They won the Bonsang Award (best album), Daesang Award (album of the year) and Samsung Popular Award. That night all of the performers were awesome! i like the collaboration between SuJu, Shinee & SNSD, dancing for the tribute of the late MJ. Last but not least, again SuJu performs their infamous award winning Sorry Sorry but this time there's a new version called Sorry Sorry Answer. It was more to suave-ballad like, exposing the charming and gentlemen side of em. Their first performance of the song was on Super show 2, and now they have made a MV for it..

This is their live performance, with 2 versions of Sorry Sorry. But the sound system during Sorry2 Remix is kinda weird. but Sorry2 Answer was superb~!

The heart-warming moments when they won the all important award, Album of the year, Daesang Award

How i wish i could see it live =((. The atmosphere was superb! Even the artists jumping up & down congratulating the winners. Peminat xyah ckpla, riuh gile nk mampos. About the hair... i dont like kyuhyun's hair in the MV and during that night!! X(((. Heechul's hair was all messed up too! I preferred kyuhyun's hair in the Sorry2 n Its You MV. It's long and wavy.. huuu.

*** Just now, the first ever Melon Awards was held. SuJu topped the votes in almost all of the categories. In the end they only won The Top 10 award. The fans were puzzled and wondered about the end results since it was different from the voting polls result.

*** Hehe may we have a CF now?? Seoul CF by DBSK, SNSD n SuJu. Me likey =)). I can see very clearly Kyuhyun's face when he, Leeteuk n Kangin running to the plugs while Eunhyuk is the one who plugged it in. Sungmin and Donghae looks childish, making snow and lastly Donghae sat behind the camera and directed it?? hehee. Oh i like Kyuhyun's hair during this time! The hairstylist should stick to this!

Kyuhyun's chest popping & wink! ^_^

*** They are coming to Msia!!! XDD


the YellowishBlue said...

now i dont have time for this...huhu.handsome guys...
sorry sorry~ :'(

Syima said...

aww u must have time for handsome guys! 10 minit pun cukupla!

Fatin Shaza said...

ceh naper ramai orang tak puas hati super junior menang hadiah2 tu? I rasa dorang sgt innovative k... even orang yang tak minat korean stuff *coughsyimacough* pun leh tersuka!

I think dorang deserve the awards ^_____^

Syima said...

hahaha i only like their music and funny-tv-shows, not their tearjerking-never-ending drama!

tulah cuz the Golden Disk Award ni antara yg besar la. diarang menang popular award, album of the year sume tp kat melon tu diarang x menang ape2. they only won Top 10 artist of the year, itupun number 10??? hahah pelik gile.