January 22, 2010

Random-burning 11

Suddenly accidentally clicked the older messages link.. and terus panaaaaaaaas
gatai tangan pasai apa!

The hell la with you~ so what? U think that u r perfect and much better? Here's another thing. Ade aku kacau hidup ko? I dont think so. So why do u want to mess-up with my life? Even u knowing me is far below zero. Pfft the fact that u harrassed me and tried to make a fool out of me shows that u are BODOH 'swing-bowl'~ thus doesnt makes u perfect cuz ur mind needs to be re-winded.

Wind it up BODOH!


Arif Saleh said...

tahu x kat adelaide ade kedai makan melayu nama die swing bowl?

Nick said...

wow wow...what's tis all about suddnly?

Syima said...

rf; seriously?? omg mencarut ke ape taukeh tu

pitto; like i said, accidently clicked older messages

Nick said...

imma not catchin' up...
what does it mean?(busy body)


Syima said...

what does it mean ape? yg swing bowl tu?? cube melayukan perkataan tu

Nick said...

'mangkuk ayun'