January 14, 2010

Back to basic

Lately, my little sister keeps bugging me to help her on her school projects and arts stuff. Making a pleading face, she holds her hands like when Chinese people greets each other during Gong Xi Fa Choi and said "Pwweeeeeeeeezzzz neechaaannnnn~" *rs cam nak tampar pun ade jugak. Couldnt said no to her, i cant stand looking at her rejected face after that huhu... i will feel more annoyed.

I helped her decorated her files, her works, do some fancy wrappings and folded papers... There was one time where she spent like more than 20 minutes just to write her name cuz she keeps on re-writes it.. so i, who was annoyed watching her doing that, snatched the file from her. In the end, i think i over-do the decorations stuff =P.

Now that im helping her, somehow i felt happy and nostalgic. Its like im back to the basic thing that i love doing the most which is art. In fact, my original dream is to become an artist, never dreamed of becoming an architect before. The path that was laid upon me that makes me where i am right now.. Plus my dad was not so sure about me being an artist, he preferred it to be just no more than a hobby. But he also doesnt want to let me down so he secretly arranged for me to go to a technical school. Since i already took technical drawing class at my old school so he things that it is a no problem for me. The thing is he thought that from there i can be a fashion designer since i love to draw mangas with pretty dresses and outfits.. but dear daddy silap laa~ kat teknik mane ade~ vokasional adela! So i took civil course and from there i turned to architecture.

Back to the story where im a 'slave' for my lil sister, now i have to draw 5 school kids (which is my lil sister with 4 of her friends). She is like in charge of Keceriaan or something so she has to hiaskan board persatuan die.. Well although i have to do it instead of her doing it herself, i have to admit it that i love doing these stuffs ;) <3

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