August 30, 2010

Family Outing

My dad was so cute last Saturday. He insisted to take us to Ampang City. He said there are shops selling branded goods for cheaper price since they are rejected. So my mum, Ira and I went there with him. Yeah our eyes were beaming. My mum and I went straight to the handbags. It was kinda strange that they didn't put any price tag. My mum asked the seller what is the price and she said ,"It is RM1050 but for Merdeka sale we letting it off for RM799." Our jaw drops. I whispered at my mum,"Abah sanggup bayar ni ke? Seriously??" Apparently my dad heard all of it and his expression changed to shocked+scared xD. "Buat apa beli beg sampai Rm700?? Pergi pasar???"

Hahaahah! Actually my dad didnt know the prices range at that store. He thought since they were rejected, the prices should be low (he maybe thought about F.O.S or Reject Shop). We laughed at his silliness and we went home. On the way back, he can't stop talking about it. "Mama dah pegang beg Rm800. Takut abah" LOLOLOLOLOL

❀ ✿ ❀ ✿ ❀ ✿ ❀ ✿

Yesterday we went to BB for raya shopping for both of my brothers, and I was having fun choosing and dressing up my brothers hehe. Too bad there is no big size for Afiq ☹ I really want to change his style, I already did a good job with Boy hehe. But the problem with Boy is, he is too skinny. Some of the outfits that he likes turns out to be too big for him. My mum grumbled "Sorang besar sangat, sorang kecik sangat. macam mana nie."

Surprisingly, I spent so less this year, the cheapest among my siblings. I bought a t-shirt, a headband and a small bag. Wah~ am I getting more matured in handling money?? hehe. For breaking fast, we went to Coronade Hotel. Oh the good food~ they didn't have varieties of food but it's worth it for Rm49 per head ^^. Plus we get special discount since the manager is my dad's friend. I burned a lot of calories while window shopping but gained back later that evening. Aish aish =_=

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