August 20, 2010

Debating with doc regarding Architecture and Engineering

Last night, i had an appointment with the doctor for my health issues. While doing some check-up, he asked me questions regarding my working life until this :

doc : So where do u work?
me : at Ampang Hilir, an architectural firm
doc : ooh~ so u are an engineer??
me : err no.. im an architect (almost)
doc : yalah, engineer la kan?
me : No! im an architect.
doc : isn't Architecture under Engineering? bukan sama ke??
me : [getting defensive] No, it is not!
doc : really? i though it is the same???
me : No!

Dear citizens, Architecture is NOT under Engineering. According to my understanding after 4 and a half year of studying and almost 1 year working experience (including practical training), Architecture is the whole, while Engineering is more to specific. Architecture is the process or its field of work that always associated with creativity/art, consists of designing and constructing a building or space. Engineering on the other hand is the deeper level in constructions, which is the system and structure of the building/space. It implemented the knowledge of mathematics, physics & others law of science into the construction to achieve the perfect structure.

Search the internet if u are disapproving. Net is the biggest library in the world.


niNiE said...

sokong sangat2...memang beza kot...dan bukan ke engineer tu akan work for architect time nak construct apape pon...da siap plan then the rc plan too engineer..da...

D-Sugar said...

gler annoying sey mamat tu...sakit ati i dengar...die xtahu pape pasal archy syimato...explain mcm mane pon, otak die tahu pasal bedah2 org jer....

Syima said...

terimas ninie~

Syima said...

the doc is nice btw, just die salah fakta =P