June 1, 2011

Nur Kasih + Karaoke

Yayness~~ last Friday, Kak intan once again belanja karaoke at Red Box Pavilion and a movie, Nur Kasih. The movie is OK. It would be better if they didn't make the plot-changes to soon. When we were getting started to feel the emotions then suddenly the plot and setting changes. I have to admit that sometimes i got confused as well because there is so much flashback and in the flashback there are more flashback. So u really have to concentrate. BTW i still don't like Nur with Adam. I want Nur with Aidil =(. It is so not fair to him... huhu.

After the movie ended we head straight to Red Box and sing our hearts out! It was so much fun~~ Thank you so much Kak Intan! ^^

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