June 21, 2011

Over the last weekend

Alhamdulillah~ i got a call from UiTM, calling me for an interview for Master of Architecture next week. I still haven't start my portfolio yet >.<, maybe tonight... 1st time i will be going to the interview without my friends =(, i hope this will turn out to be great *praying~

Last Friday we celebrated Ziela's birthday at Williams, Shaza who just came back from Australia also joined in. The red-velvet cuppies are all thanks to Miss Ida. Sangat sedap ok! Ida, u don't mind if i want to be ur future customer for this right?

On the next day, Ziela and I went to Shaza's big bro wedding at Seri Pacific Hotel, KL. His face was beaming with big smiles and happiness ahaahah~ Dapat le tuw~~ joke joke xP. Anyway congratulations on your wedding Abg Zaffri, may u and your wife be blessed =). Oh, and the food was super nice, especially the butter prawn and air batu campur~ nyum nyum
After that, Ziela and I went to IKEA for some window shopping, but Ziela ends up bought a thing or two. We then quenched our thirst with Starbucks' Frappucino with the CLEO coupon that i got. After dropping Ziela at her house, i joined Red, Aden and Sopey at Ampang for dinner and later a midnight movie, KL Gangster. It is awesome! I like it! The only thing that is slacking is the way the movie ended, they should have tell us like in a motion on how they all turn out to be, not just by telling us by using a narrator =_=

Shaza still hasn't taste the infamous froyo. So yesterday, after officework, Red and I meet Shaza at Wangsa Maju's Tutti Frutti for her very first froyo! BTW thanks Shaza for the treats heheh~ After that we watched Kunfu Panda 2 at Wangsa Walk yes, 3rd time for me, but i don't really mind hahah. Yesterday will be the last time i hang out with Shaza before she went back to Aussie this Thursday, gonna miss u babe ='(. Take care~ and good luck for your final semester!