June 1, 2011

Penang Again! May trip~

All of my friends that were studying are having their semester break now. Since we all didn't spend much time together like before and of course to have some fun we planned a trip to Penang!

We hit the road on Thursday night, 23rd of May and stayed at Penang for 3 nights. There were 4 cars, we gathered at Loq's house 1st before starting the journey approximately around 2am and arrived in Penang around 9am. I rode on Adam's car, i got the backseat all for myself YAYness~~ since its gonna be crampy if there will be another passenger.

So what were the activities??? 1st one, obviously eating. Kerang bakar, sotong bakar, nasi kandar, rojak pasembor, char kuey teow, rojak kangkung+sotong, laksa penang, roti canai banjir, roti bakar telur goyang, sup, tandoori... u name it i have taste it all. Don't ask me where is this place or whether it is yummy or not because i am not a picky eater, i just eat what i got served. But i highly recommend Tandoori Chicken+Nan at Hameediyah (don't know whether this is the correct spelling) TERBAAAIIIKKKKK~~~~. Oh yeah, i still haven't taste the best Char Kuey Teow. They were all tasteless huhu.

Then it is the beach! We went to 2 beaches, the Feringgi Beach and Pantai Panjang. I super like Pantai Panjang! But too bad there was no proper changing room/toilet nearest to our camp area so i didn't join the boys for a dip in the sea. Well all of the girls didn't, hahaaha. The sun oh-la-la so hot and bright! We took lots of pretty pictures, but when we went home, all of us were toasted.

Other than that we just simply visited iconic-tourist destinations like Bukit Bendera, Tokong Ular, Batu Feringgi Night Market and etc. We went to War Museum but our pocket money were running low and the entry fees were kinda high so we just hang around for a couple of minutes and went home. Such a pity though, the museum looks interesting. Loq and Ida keep on saying that if they come to Penang again, the War Museum is a must to visit. On the way home, i hitched on Aden's car with Ziela and hit the road first because we need to stop by at UiTM Perak for our referee forms. On the way back, the others (they arrived in Subang first) ajak lepak but i don't want to because i was so damn tired so Ziela and Aden sent me home.
The after-sunset-sky in Seri Iskandar. Amazing isn't it?
some of  the pictures credit to Adam, Ziela and Red

So.. when is the next trip?? =D And am also waiting for my overseas' friends! Shaza! Nabilah!


hafeez shariffudin said...

syima. tere la u compose the pictures. photoshop ker

Syima said...

xdelah, pakai photoscape la =)