June 26, 2009

Parents-Teachers day

This morning my mum woke me up ridiculously early. she wants me to accompany her to ira's school to fetch her n her report card. "hehe this gonna be interesting" i thought... my dad sort of 'merajuk' with them cuz he never saw them studyg, he can already guess what kind of marks for their subjects. so he never wanted to go to school and take their report cards. my mum had to go in his place.

all i can say is, my dad was right.. hehe. i couldnt stop giggled watching ira 'kene tegur' by mama n her teachers. after that we went to boy's school, same thing happened XD. poor boy he couldnt go back with us cuz his teacher would not let him.

after that we went to kl, sending mama to her office (she's taking a half-day off). b4 that we had our lunch at Bangkok Expresso, which my meal was salty, sour n sweet all over XP. should have pick a different dish. ira's face still sulky at this time~

we stop by Friday Bazaar behind mama's office to buy some groceries and.. shopping! ^^. they sell all of those that u can find in the online stores with cheaper price! finally i can lay my hands on this zebra printed bf shirt and a cool baby milo t-shirt~ cheap cheap!

btw my lil bros n lil sis asked me to bring them to the cinema to watch transformers tonight or weekend.. aarghh~ malasnye nak beratur! but, come to think of it, i want to watch the transformers again! hehe


Nick said...

jom kuar! bosan ~_~"

Syed Ali said...

wow she's in high school already. good good

Syima said...

i tot ur asleep dear???

ali; yeah, she's 13 this year.

Fatin Shaza said...


Anyways, perasan tak, ex-stone pakai baju ni that day waktu kite competition kat RUMI? The same exact shirt.

Syima said...


yeah~ tp i think hers is more ketat..
n knape i asyik menggambarkan kaler pink? 0_o

Fatin Shaza said...

Sebab dia pakai selipar warna pink gila... ingat tak? XD Dari jauh I nmpk selipar dia je.

Syima said...

oh yaa!patotla i asyik tbayang die pink. hahahaha XDD