June 22, 2009

Good luck my friend

One of my studiomates, Hafeez is going to further his studies at Australia this coming Friday, taking degree in architecture. i wish you all the best luck and may God bless you my friend =). Don't forget our friendship!

after reciting Yaasin

took a picture with orang-yang-paling-penting-dalam-majlis

some of my pretty girls~ gonna miss u guys!

makcik2 makan x ingat


aaaah trying to stay positive during the kenduri, somehow i felt a lil leftout.. maybe u get what i meant *sigh


Fatin Shaza said...

About the 'leftout' part... it's okay, mesti ada hikmah di sebaliknya... :)

Good luck for next sem!

Syima said...

u akan slalu dtg bawak i lari kan????? >=D