June 22, 2009


im trying to change my layout. (shaza wish me luck!) so, there maybe some missing links and such. do kindly stop by my blog to say hye or watsoever so dat i can have your links back.

wish me luck!


Ok i've made my changes. any comments?? maybe some of the links are not working? tell me tell me~


mr_bread said...

uhh...cane nak tuka layout ek?cambest je tgk...haha

Nick said...


Nick said...

the new layout...not so "candy" anymore...lol..

Syima said...

rajoo, click kat b-templates for the layouts. link at right screen under favourite sites

Syima said...

tq dear =)

oh dat. actually 'candy crankee' means 'orang yg tergila2kan sweets'. ahaha the past layouts mmg saje nk ikot tema. but now maybe i've to change a lil bit of that trademark ;)

mr_bread said...