October 5, 2009

Tripple Open House

Today it was hectic and tummy-bloated. My mum held an open house for my dad's siblings, including his stepbrothers and stepsisters. i hardly knew his steps-siblings so it was kinda awkward at first but it gradually turns out to be ok.

My dad's siblings + the families

Then i went to nabilah's open house at bandar tun razak. when i arrived, theres only emir n shaza that i knew. nabilah said naz is coming, but he didnt show up in the end and munif was lost XD.

emir, shaza, me and nabilah

after that, i asked shaza to accompany me to baah's open house at mont kiara. i was alone plus i dont know the way. it was so happen to be that shaza need a ride home and her house is near to mont kiara so she tagged along with me.

baah's house (actually its her aunt's house) is a condo on the topmost hill and..... sangat sangat cantik!!! being an architecture student, shaza and i couldnt help ourselves but to berbatak a bit XP. but we couldnt took more since it was kinda a private place, so i was afraid that we might be scolded..

baah, me, shaza, zura and ewa

so whose house next???

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