June 22, 2010

Random 13 *added random pictures

with my smallest cousin from Kelantan

Baby wanna be pampered

I don't know what to post anymore... Sorry my blog for abandoning u.
Well lots of things happened last weeks.
My relatives came by during the school holiday
But i didnt join them much since im working so i went back and forth to their hotel after my office hour
I also got lots of projects and i have certain problems in my life too
So in conclusion, last week was VERY TIRING and DEPRESSING

I can't fulfil your request, kinda hard for me to face u now. I'm finally ready and accepting this, so plz give me time... I'm giving u the 'space' that u want too

Ok back to work
p/s: Fatin Shaza, i will wait for you, lets go on a vacation this October!


fin said...

13 is my lucky number..
i shud stop doing everything i did to feel better..ok, i merepek di blog orang lain..

Syima said...

mana ade merepek babe ur so welcome here~

Fatin Shaza said...

Syimaaaa wait for me!! Jom bervacationing!

nanna said...