August 2, 2011

Bola Auum! bersama I.J.A.

Date : 28 July 2011
Venue : Bukit Jalil

We got extra 5 tickets for free all thanks to boss aka Kak Intan =)). It was a great experience and i will surely want to experience it again! But i cannot see the replay-scenes, that really is troublesome  =_=. Oh well the tiger looses, but it was a very good match, Khairul Fahmi saves lots of goal-attempt. When Safiq hits the Spore-drama-goalkeeper, we were like... "BLOODY HIT HIM AGAIN!" The match was full of stretchers-drama, not football. When the game ends, all of the spectators gave them another big cheer, although it can never take frustration away from the football team.

There are some things that bothers me. Why we have to be as stupid as other countries? Booing other country's national anthem, playing with laser... Why were u people so dumb? Yeah its for fun, but still it shows the world how immature we were. The upper tier threw a big-half-full-mineral-bottle that it fell right behind my boss! Then after the game ends some of the spectators went to the Singapore side and blocked the way out. Through the gate they keep on screaming, cursing, spitting and throwing garbage at the S'pore's spectators. Seriously.. otak letak mana korang ni? Memang memalukan betol.

Apa-apa pun, it is part of my experience and it was a good performance by the Malaysian Team. Takde rezeki nak buat macam mana, so focus on the Olympic games now =)

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