August 5, 2013


It has been approximately 1 year since my last post

I just don't know what to write anymore, my passion for reporting my not-so-special activities have been long gone. A lot has happened, that changes me for what i am. I developed a habit of 'i don't give a damn anymore' and turned into a selfish person. I guess that when u are getting older and mature, at the end of the day, u will realized that the only person that u need to please, to cherish is yourself. There is no point to always follow other people wants and needs, if at the end of the day those obedience will make u weaker and helpless.

Assalamua'laikum, and happy fasting people =)
And Happy Eid in advance~ (since i'll be away from home during that time)


Syed Ali Rabbani said...

homaigod! ada update!

Syima said...

am back! >=)
tp tak tahu for how long haahaaha