June 23, 2008

eeriee scream

last night, around 11.30pm i was chatting with my boyfriend when suddenly i heard a loud scream. at first i thought my neighbor was watchg a movie but then the scream sounds so real that makes my hair behind my back stands. then i heard da sound of tyres n engine and immediately da screaming was gone.

i immediately rushed to the balcony. my parents were already outside. there were lots of people gathered at the small road beside my house. it seems dat my neighbours also heard the scream.
some of them also brought their brooms n long staffs with them. when they checked the area, there was no one...

we all thought da same, da gurl has been kidnapped by someone. my mum said when she ran out of the house, she saw a car speeding towards the end of the road. but my mum couldnt see it clearly. then my neighbour call the police. the police arrive 5 minutes later. after taking some statements, they went off probably doing a patrol or something..

i pray dat da gurl is safe somewhere...

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Fatin Shaza said...

aha! i akan link you~~