June 25, 2008

Shaza's doing

Ok i was tagged by Shaza. huhu She must be bored cuz she's doing this thing... huhuhu

ok~ curently im using this bag because it's spacious and i can just dump anything in it, big or small. but finding the small items is the hardest part especially my hp. well anyway, it's brown in colour. i bought this bag for rm30 at a retail in Sg Wang early this year.

introducing the treasures :

1. Guess wallet. black in colour. leather. a gift from my mum.

2. Pencil Case. bought for rm5 at Sg Wang also. very old.. huhuhu

3. Makeup Bag. bought for rm5 at Sg Wang. contains my compact powder, lipbalm, lipgloss, tweezers, scissors, nail clipper and a pair of earings.

4. Aussino notebook. birthday present from shaza 2 years ago.

5. Work file. i stole it from my dad =P heheh

6. Practical file. bought it for rm3 at Tesco Ampang.

7. K5301 Sony Ericsson hp.

8. Johnons baby milk lotion.

9. A packet of tissue.

next i will tag.. people who read my blog~ ^^


Fatin Shaza said...

I kenal smua barang2 u! Haha!

Syima said...

yala!! i mane beli barang baru lagi!! huuhuu

Anonymous said...

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