March 21, 2009

Chef Bro

i was assigned to re-check my bro's application for entering ipta by my mum
most of his choices were related to arts n technical drawing like interior design, seni lukis n senireka...

but i think it's way too demanding cuz his spm result could not cater for that
so most of em i changed to computer courses, IT but i x usik interior design n electronics in computer... will he get it?? dont know =p.

as i was scrolling the mouse i saw "Diploma Seni Kulinari"
requirement - kepujian in BM, Bi n mathematics

~~~ must be cool to have a chef in the family, plus he loves food n loves to eat...

calling afiq (he's at PLKN sarawak) ko nak x jadi chef? ko kan suke makanan
afiq : suke atila




Fatin Shaza said...


tak rujuk adik u ke??

tapi culinary is not bad tau..

Syima said...

ayo shaza kan i tulis i kol die??
die kate suke ati. ahaaa